Welcome to Purple Thorn Press!

Purple Thorn Press and Photography is a small press and photography studio which publishes unique fiction and nonfiction works.

In fiction, we specialize in fantasy and science fiction stories of varying lengths. Whether long or short, our fiction offers a variety of complex worlds populated with intriguing characters. We are proud to feature characters in our novels, novellas, and short stories who come from various backgrounds, ages, and cultures who help to shape in the futures of their societies.

Our nonfiction titles include spiritual devotionals and photo books. The company’s emphasis in this unique area comes from its founder’s strong belief in the spiritually healing power of beautiful images.

Please browse our titles, and get ready to join Purple Thorn Press in your next great reading adventure.

Skinshifter_Cover-1563x2500 Dryad_Sacrifice_Cover-1563x2500 Thorn_Thistle_3-1563x2500 Musings_Cover-1563x2500 FirstFruitsCover2
When_the_Medium_Shatters-1563x2500 Heros_Moment_Cover_2-1563x2500 Twirling_Ballerina_Cover-1563x2500 Paper_Castles_Cover-1563x2500 Cleaning_cover-1563x2500

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