Fiction Short Stories


“Paper Castles”, February 2015.

When Kate Bennett first meets Jo Hitachi, she isn’t sure what to think. How can a person make a decent living selling origami in Washington, D.C.? But with each new paper sculpture that he makes, the simple artist hints that he’s more than he seems. He’s asking her to trust him, but can Kate really afford to trade in the security of her ambitious career for a life built out of love and paper castles?

E-book available at Amazon for $0.99.

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“The Twirling Ballerina”, December 2014.

As her life ebbs, a mother and her daughter discover solace from an unexpected source—a ballerina figurine whose twirling dance is more than what it seems.

E-book available at Amazon for $0.99.


“The Cleaning”, September 2014.

“We’re making a safer, cleaner world…”

In the Digital Age, printed books have become as obsolete as the public libraries that house them. The government has spent millions of dollars to ensure that all print books are properly scanned and preserved as e-books before recycling…all except for the dangerous ones, that is.

Available in e-book format for $0.99:

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Short Story Collections & Anthologies…

Musings_Cover-1563x2500“My train of thought derailed somewhere in the wilderness of my daydreams and MUSINGS is the result.” -Alycia Christine

Short stories from every corner of imagination converge in this beautiful collection of fantasy and science fiction stories.

Fantasy and science fiction stories included:

  • “A Song for Naia”
  • “The Banner Prophesies”
  • “City of Twilight”
  • “Chosen Sacrifice”
  • “Of Kelpie Lullabies”
  • “Raven’s Fall”
  • “Star Child and the Golden Seed”
  • “The Soul Wrangler”
  • “Sumari’s Solitude”
  • “What Tendrils Echo”
  • “Winter’s Charge”
  • Available as a print book for $11.99

    Available as an ebook for $3.99:


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